Hipster TTOI

furious insults and quotes from the thick of it made better (or worse) by pasting them on unrelated pretty pictures. feel free to submit things to me! inspired by the hipster blackadder and hipster peep show blogs.

A few notes:

Since I’ve been asked to source the pictures used, I won’t be taking any submissions. That way I know what’s from where and can source it myself. I WILL STILL DO REQUESTS, ASK BOX IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Secondly, we’re one follower away from a nice round number, so tell that one friend you know that is sort of into The Thick of It and ask them politely to follow this blog.

Thirdly, is everyone tired of Malcolm/Doctor Who posts or would you want me to do some Doctor Fucking Who?

This blog is not dead. It’s merely run by a lazy person.

Updates soon, promise.

—Hipster TTOI

For the images I have sources for, I’ll add a click-through link.

I’ll do my best to get sourced images from now on, but to be honest most of the images I’ve used were in tumblr tags and are reposted a thousand times from pinterest and weheartit, so reverse image lookup doesn’t help much.

Also I want to point out that I take no credit for the images or words here I just put them together. That’s the limit of my artistic talent.